Build Quality of Life with Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Hi, I'm John.

I credit the Rocky movies for my interests in health, and combat sports from an early age. Then I found the UFC, and this led me to BJJ. It was love at first sight. This romance has led me all over the world, living, and learning with the gentle art of jiu jitsu. 

Things got very interesting when a competition gold medal came with a loud tear, and a severely damaged shoulder. The lengthy recovery process allowed for plenty of time to ponder the intentions, and the methods of training. 

Pain paved the way for clarity.

I have learned from experience that the way of forceful effort is neither smart nor sustainable. Quality is now the priority. I had no choice but to change. 

So I studied.  I sought out others better than me.  I listened, and I learned. 

The outcome?

This is Higher Jiu Jitsu

It sprung from many dreams and has developed into a tribe of awesome people.

We come together in curiosity and we grow with awareness. 

We practice self defence and we study mechanics. We get stronger, and we get healthier.

Like scientists, we test ideas, we experiment with leverage, and we have fun in the process. 

We don't fight. We play. 

We don't win or lose. We learn. 

We play the long game. And in doing so, we allow the lessons of jiu jitsu to seep into the rest of life. The result of this is the ability to flourish, on and off the mats. 

john Ma.png
Very rarely is technical proficiency, nurturing guidance and supportive gym culture all together in one place.

Anyone from a seasoned vet to a beginner will be able to find the enrichment they need, and there is a room full of friendly training partners that are there to help each other grow.
— John Ma

"Our purpose is to demystify the path to jiu jitsu for quality of life."

As a beginner I can say that John and the other members have created a great learning environment. Everybody is friendly and supportive and eager to further your understanding of jui Jitsu. The atmosphere is easygoing and everybody looks out for one another to avoid injuries. John is an excellent teacher, his instruction is very clear and he is able to breakdown complex moves in a manner all can understand and follow. I felt I was making amazing progress from day one. It is also an awesome workout!
— Milan Modelo

Who can do it?

✔   For the men who endeavor to get better.

✔   For the women who want to feel empowered to do as they choose. 

✔   To the parents that would like to help their kids shine. 

✔   For the kids who just want to have fun. 


To my fellow people that love to learn, and intend to look, feel, and perform at their best.  


Higher Jiu Jitsu is for you. 

Here's what we've been working on recently:

  • We've recently affiliated with Pedro Sauer Association. It is a tremendous honour to represent the work of such an honourable legend of the jiu jitsu community. And we're lucky to be privy to the entire system. 

  • We have partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer the world's leading nutrition coaching program. This is a program that has helped over 50,000 people lose weight, and more importantly, learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that they can sustain for the long game. 

  • We're developing our Jits4Kids class that will empower the kids of our community with the ability to defend themselves from whatever nasties life throws at them. We will use Gracie Jiu Jitsu as the medium to set up our future leaders for success in life.

  • We recently published our FREE 2 part series that reveals the #1 strategy you need to eat to be healthy. 

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