BJJ Time Table



Adults BJJ

Our Adult classes cater for people of all capabilities from the age of 13 and upwards. The class structure begins with slow movement that prepares you for the material ahead. The techniques of Gracie jiu Jitsu follow, until we put them into practice with resistance and optional sparring. 

Higher Movement

Higher Movement

Higher Movement will guide you to a deeper understanding of how you move. We'll take the jiu jitsu away and focus on how you move yourself in all patterns of movement. 

You’ll become stronger, and fitter, whilst building new skills and having fun. The fruit of such learning is improved ability in all aspects of life. 


Private Coaching

A Higher Jiu Jitsu private session will involve an exploration of how your own habits contribute to your jiu jitsu skills. Through the gift of feel, you will see how your patterns influence your game, thereby allowing you to improve on them.