A New Look, A New Year.

I recently read a blog post by Clay Collins of Leadpages.net. 

He said he thinks of business as a series of rungs on an infinite ladder. 

"There is no top rung. And no bottom rung. There’s only the next rung of the ladder. And the one after that (and of course, the one after that, ad infinitum)."

This is reminiscent of the jiu jitsu way of life. 

You start off as the newbie, unsure of what you or anyone else around you is doing.

With continued application, you start to make a little sense of things.

Sometimes you may think you have it. Then in one bad session all your hopes are swiftly shut down. 

Alas, you show up to class again, you put your gi on, and you train. Again. And again. 

This has happened to me at white belt, to blue belt, to purple, till brown. 

Each and every step of the way I've had moments where I think I get it. 

Then I remember just how little I know or that I am yet to learn.

Before I knew how to tie my belt :)

Before I knew how to tie my belt :)

This is very much like the development of Higher Jiu Jitsu.

The beginning was little more than a dream of the perfect jiu jitsu conditions, and some friends to roll with. 

The Jiu Jitsu Commune was a pure, passion project. It was fun. It felt good. And it developed. 

Higher Health is concerned with quality of life. Building self awareness through sustainable habits and the capacity for human flourishing. 

Team Pedro Sauer now blends the most refined understanding of leverage and jiu jitsu philosophy that I have ever come across. 

So we've been left with an interesting fusion : Higher Jiu Jitsu. 


This is the next rung. 


We've combined the sweet elements of Higher Health, and blended them with the finesse of The Professor Pedro Sauer and Gracie Jiu Jitsu. 

The focus is still very firmly on quality of life. Higher Jiu Jitsu now allows us to find it through a deeper exploration into the sweet practice of BJJ. 


Clay left his article with a final thought about the rung that you and I and we are currently on. 


"Laddering Up Isn’t Easy, and It’s Never Finished
...  As long as you’re working your way up your ladder, and you’re having fun … you’re in the game. You’re doing this.
But if I can share one tip with you it’s this: always appreciate your current position.
If you find success at what you’re doing now, you’re going to need energy and resources for the next rung, so milk your current position for all it’s worth.
Rest when you can, but otherwise store up your reserves and use your momentum. Don’t take any win for granted, because it’s small wins you have along the way that fortify you when things look bleak."


If I take the time to look closely, there are small wins everywhere.  

But perhaps the biggest of them all are the friendships I have developed in this whole thing. 

At every step of the way up, there's been struggles, and doubts, and laughs, and cries. 

And at every rung, there's been beautiful people around to support the path and offer guidance. 

It is with the help of these people that this dream has been nourished into a reality. 

I salute you. 


Lastly, there are an infinite number of rungs left in this journey. 


We will be unravelling our Pedro Sauer online member database in no time. This will give you members complete access to the world class curriculum that we are following. 

We'll be planning our first official grading night to come soon. 

Our Higher Health Pn nutrition coaching program will kick off on the 15th Jaunary.

And we have Steve Maxwell coming in to deliver 3 awesome seminars. 

Slowly, but surely, things are moving forward. 



In service of you guys.

It is my purpose - to give you guys the best jiu jitsu experience ever, as we all build quality of life now and for the future, as we kick ass in the dojo, and in life. 


What are your next rungs?

In a year from today, in an ideal world…

  • Where do you want to be?
  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What do you want to feel?
  • What adventures do you want to be having?

It could relate to jiu jitsu. It doesn't have to.

And don't worry about how "realistic" this is right now.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain, biking across the world, going cliff diving, winning a competition, feeling like a ninja, or just fitting in to your old pants… imagine who and where you could be one year from now.

Then capture that.

Imagine it. 

Have fun with it.

And take one small step towards making it happen. 


Action Steps:

1. Write down your destination postcard, and send it to me if you really want to feel it. 

2. Here are the links to our social media pages:

Higher Jiu Jitsu on FB

higherjiujitsu on Instagram

Like, share, and follow away. 


My friends, have a safe new years party, and here's a big Cheers to a phenomenal 2017!


Much love, 

Coach John