Hey Parents - Jits4Kids Has Arrived!

Hi, I'm John and we’re Higher Jiu Jitsu. 


Higher Jiu Jitsu is a community of friendly adults that come together to learn, and play jiu jitsu in the Sydney CBD. Rather than fight in this martial art, we use jiu jitsu like a vehicle that guides us toward being better people and building quality of life. 

Day after day, and class upon class, I am seeing the benefits of jiu jitsu come to life through us oldies. And now I’m super excited because finally we get the chance to spread the joys of our art with the kids of Sydney!


Bullies Suck

Maybe the excitement stems from having to also deal with bullies all my life too. 

I've been teased, and pushed, and laughed at. Sometimes I fought back and sometimes I cried. I never wanted it to happen. But it would find me anyway. I'd ask why. The bullies didn't know. It didn't matter. 

This made me look for something to do about it. 

 During that search, I found jiu jitsu. 


Thank you bullies. 

From jiu jitsu I have learned situational awareness. It gave me the skills and techniques to feel safe, and secure. Jiu jitsu has taught me respect. This is the glue that holds our world together while the bullies have no idea.

Most of all, jiu jitsu has afforded me the ability to be more in control of myself. And this means I can respond appropriately to whoever or whatever is around me. 


This is why I am compelled to share this with our kids of today, and the adults of tomorrow. 

Jits4Kids will start on Wednesday 17th October 2018.


The PCYC City of Sydney and Higher Jiu Jitsu promise to teach fun, and effective Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defence. We ensure a safe, and playful environment.  And we commit to being their coach, and sensei that will gently guide them along the path to respectable, honourable adult.


Would you like to make your child bullyproof through Gracie Jiu Jitsu?


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