The Black Belt Off the Mats

Jiu Jitsu wears many hats. 

You do it because it’s your hobby.

You love to train regularly, and you enjoy learning. You think, and you problem solve, and you feel for connection. It grounds you, helps you connect better with your body, and brings a smile to the rest of your day. 

Amongst the different opinions, and reasons for doing jiu jitsu, eventually we all just want the same thing. That is to do better, and thrive; it starts at jiu jitsu and it quickly ends up with life. 

Aristotle used the word ‘Eudaimonia’ to refer to the act of human flourishing. Happiness, joy, call it what you want, at the end of the day this is what we're all looking for. We just go about it in different ways. 

You spend time on the mats because here you feel alive. 


The dojo is your sanctuary, and you feel inspired, and safe.

You come together, with your team, and you're ready to do good work. You devote time per week to study the curriculum, build new skills, and make new experiences. 

And then it's back to normal life. 

Off the mats, not everyone is playing by the same rules. Work, and family, and commitments have you just as challenged as a tight mount. The outside world can seem like the big, bad black belt who is always one step ahead of you. 

Just as you seek guidance on the mats, you also need guidance off them too. 


George St Pierre, in The Way of the Fight, said 'you need to know the rules to be able to break the rules.' 

You need a curriculum of learning that guides you slowly through the basics.  

You require support from a coach that cares, because you know there'll be challenges, and things to consider along the way. 

You want to be part of a team so you can trade experiences and share ideas. 


The Precision Nutrition Lean Eating program is to health off the mats, what the Gracie Jiu Jitsu curriculum is to learning on them.


Both are backed by years of research and experimentation. They've been proven, and tested thousands upon thousands of times. 

They guide you to an understanding of leverage, and they acknowledge the long game.

They're both systems to be practiced, and to be refined for life. There is finesse, and there is quality at the core of each. 

Ultimately they're the best platforms to deliver what we're all looking for.

To thrive as a human being, on the mats, and off. This is what we're here for.


It's one thing to float around here and there and make ends meet. It's another thing to go out and seek guidance from world class sources. 

You aim for a black belt on the mats. 

This is your program to attain the black belt in life. 

We're kicking off on the 9th April! Want in?

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