HJJ Podcast #002 - Ladies, It's Time.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu means self defence via leverage where smaller, weaker people can defend themselves against bigger, and stronger aggressors.   So then why are the everyday people doing jiu jitsu predominantly men?

The gentle art is the perfect martial art for women to learn because it doesn't rely on physical attributes. You don't need big muscles, or lots of fitness to make it work.  

Ladies, with jiu jitsu you no longer need to feel defenceless against anyone, fearful of your safety, or scared of being yourself in confrontation.  It's how the women of our community can rise from feeling scared and overwhlemed to being empowered and free and ready to live to your fullest potential.  

But first, you need to get started. 

Ladies, It’s Time.

So join John and Emma as they discuss the ins and outs of women in jiu jitsu.  

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