HJJ Podcast #004 Injuries Suck. Prehab Says No.

Injuries suck. I hate them. If you're a human being, you do too. 

Your training methods should be focused on improving your capacity to live, perform, and have fun. Not hurt you.  If you're frequently getting injured, it may be time to consider your program.

Join Coach John and Matty as we discuss the perils of injury, and what to do in order to minimise the risks of them, on the mats and off. 

Shit Happens - Some things are out of our control. Living in a bubble would be 0 fun. But this doesn’t give us an excuse to be negligent with our bodies. Captain Obvious says they are the only ones we’ll ever get.

Prehab Before Rehab - Be proactive in minimising your injuries. Look after yourself. Do what's necessary in order to keep yourself in the best shape possible, so that you remain resilient and ready for whatever comes at you. 

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HJJ Podcast Episode 4: Anchor Link.

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