Higher Jiu Jitsu No Gi BJJ

Our Gracie Jiu Jitsu No Gi classes focus on all the important elements of grappling without the Gi (kimono). Learn the essentials of wrestling in order to take down, and control which leads to effective submissions.

Classes involve a warm up followed by partner drills, wrestling takedowns, and submission grappling techniques, and live practice.

Our No Gi program cater to all levels of students. Get in touch to learn more and book your first class.

“Great jiu jitsu classes for kids – teaching not just physical skills but also personal skills – such as respect, responsibility and confidence – along with good practical approaches for things like standing up to ‘bullies’ at school. Fun too.”

James Eccles

“Joining a new BJJ school as a beginner can definitely be a nerve-racking experience, but John and the team immediately made me feel at ease with his chill and welcoming approach to teaching.”


“I have always been interested in trying BJJ. I was wary being female and also having no prior experience in anything like this. But John, his team and all the students made me feel so comfortable. Everyone was very patient and the priority placed on technique and understanding the art gives you a higher appreciation for the sport. The classes are amazing for beginners and also highly experienced people. The BEST gym!!! Would recommend to all!!!”

Rayghana Davids

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