Adults Jiu Jitsu


You want to learn effective self defence skills that don’t rely on being bigger and stronger than a foe.

You’d like to move better, and live healthy, without the monotony of being at the gym all the time.

And you welcome excitement throughout your week, just like you did as a kid.

We are here to help the everyday people of Sydney learn BJJ Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

The difference at Higher Jiu Jitsu?

We shape the path to quality of life. 

Here you will learn in a beginner friendly, safe environment.

You won’t be forced to fight, and risk being injured with every class. Step by step we’ll show you the ropes, and get you competent on the mats.

Here at Higher it’s about Lifestyle Jiu Jitsu, and it’s for a lifetime.


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Jason BJason B
13:07 10 Jun 24
While in Sydney I trained with the crew at Higher. I found it to be more than just a jiu jitsu club. Somewhere you can go & feel welcome, at ease & part of the higher jiu jitsu family from the get go, without dealing with the hassle of inflated egos etc you might find in other gyms. John is building something special here & I hope more people get the chance to experience his teaching & friendly training environment he has created. If I ever pass through Sydney again, I will be back 100%. My only regret is that my work schedule stopped me from being able to attend more classes. Thanks for all of the help & guidance. Legends!!!
Bradley TomaselliBradley Tomaselli
02:32 27 May 24
Dropped in during a first time visit to Australia from the States. I was warmly welcomed by the Professor and team. Thank you for the rolls!
Jesse VerbiskiJesse Verbiski
11:59 07 May 24
Super cool club! I visited for the ‘fundamentals gi’ class while visiting from Canada on holiday.The class was very focused and technical but explained in a very simple way. The instruction was very helpful and I have a few “nuggets” to bring back home now :)I really enjoyed training here and would recommend it to anybody looking to try or train Jiu Jitsu in Sydney. Great environment for beginners and experienced alike.
kieran franciskieran francis
02:41 01 May 24
Great coaches and really friendly vibe!
Louis TaylorLouis Taylor
11:29 25 Mar 24
Great place, great people really easy to follow along. Highly recommend to anyone living in or passing Sydney and wanting to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Luke AnthonyLuke Anthony
11:12 18 Mar 24
Having recently joined Higher Jiu Jitsu I cannot recommend the gym highly enough. John is a fantastic coach. John is extremely warm and friendly and has a fantastic teaching style that makes the core concepts of BJJ easy to pick up. Everyone has been really welcoming to me since joining and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Nicole PikeNicole Pike
01:29 14 Mar 24
I joined Higher about 6 months ago having moved across from the UK. It is such a welcoming environment - John and the rest of the team clearly work really hard to make it a friendly and supportive place to train. The coaching is also excellent so can’t recommend it enough!
Clément abrahamClément abraham
07:19 13 Mar 24
Higher Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic place for learning and development. The coaches are very professional and pedagogical; there are sessions for all levels every day. The practitioners are extremely friendly. This is the first time I've practiced BJJ; before, I was into MMA in France. My English level isn't exceptional, but in sports, that doesn't matter: the explanations are very clear, and people love to share their sport. I think it's the best combat sport that can exist, combining strength, flexibility, and momentum. Regarding the facility, it is very accessible and well-maintained. John, the club manager, is a very kind and attentive person, creating a real dynamic within his dojo. Every time I just wait for the next session, it's really addictive :)
Tania WoodTania Wood
23:49 12 Mar 24
Higher jiu jitsu is a great place to learn all things jiu jitsu. The best part about Higher is not only the great teachers and experts that regularly come through but for me, the community and people. I am a complete noob and they foster an open and welcoming environment thats about learning and having fun.
Clayton FergusonClayton Ferguson
04:33 29 Jan 24
Trained today from out of town (I’m Canadian). First time at this gym, coach John and the other students were very welcoming and helped me get set up with a rental gi and everything I needed.Good technical instruction and lots of help from the coach and other students.Great place to train, I highly recommend for first timers or for higher belts!
Aaron BurrowsAaron Burrows
09:12 08 Dec 23
The boys over at higher Jiu Jitsu were very accommodating as I was a drop in guest from a different state. They demonstrated nothing but the upmost respect and welcomed me with open arms. I attended the comp class, fundamentals and intermediate. All lessons, the instructor demonstrated structured teaching which was not only easy to understand but also effective. I couldn’t recommend the boys over at higher Jiu Jitsu more.
Winson TanWinson Tan
03:23 21 Oct 23
A place to harness your jiu-jitsu, self-defence, mental+physical potential.Friendly to beginners, with challenging classes, helpful team mates and caring coaches. Drop-ins by fantastic global coaches are a huge plus. All the things you’d want in a great jits gym.Thank you and kudos, Coach John and team @ Higher JJ
Daniel MatthewsDaniel Matthews
05:59 19 Oct 23
I joined Higher Jiu Jitsu in September shorty after arriving from the U.K. and have really enjoyed my time at the club. The coaching team lead by John Smallios are brilliant teachers and have done very well to create a friendly and supportive culture. There are no big egos and everyone is approachable and keen to impart their knowledge. As I joined the club with no experience of Jiu Jitsu this has been a great environment to start my journey into the world of BJJ and learn the basics. Safe to say I’m hooked and I have little doubt you will be too. Massively recommend Higher Jiu Jitsu to everyone from those interested in taking up the sport to seasoned veterans!

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