Build Quality of Life with Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Higher Jiu Jitsu is here for the everyday people of Sydney. 

We come together as curious friends wanting to learn more. 

We practice self defence and we study technique to make it better.

Like scientists, we test ideas, and experiment with leverage. 

We get stronger, and healthier. And the whole time we're having fun. 

We don't fight. We play. 

We don't win or lose. We learn. 

We play the long game. And in doing so, we allow the lessons of jiu jitsu to seep into everyday life. The result of this is the ability to flourish, on and off the mats. 


"Jiu Jitsu for Everyday People"


Who can do it?

✔   For the men who endeavor to get better.

✔   For the women who want to feel empowered to do as they choose. 

✔   For the kids who just want to have fun. 


To everyone who loves to learn, and wants to do better... Higher Jiu Jitsu is for you. 


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